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The smart shoe walks in Marche 29/11/2012
Il Resto del Carlino - Wednesday, November 28, 2012   "Part of the marches the path of the shoe to the intelligent shoe The Matching of the Company of the Works that is taking place at the Rho fair in Milan has been presented the shoe that can produce energy.The shoe was born from the collaboration of several companies and among them the Montebove spa of Tolentino, a company specializing in production of accident prevention lines, food and hospital sectors, military bodies, Civil Protection and Armed Forces. Marchigian "smart shoes" were born at Matching 2011 and through the agreement with 4D Engineering of Civitanova, Electromechanical Design Company, Collaboration with Professor Andrea Gatto of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, consultancy of Jef di Montegranaro for the electronics and software and Innova & Partners of Ancona for Jesi's European Patent and Value Service Research preparation for financial support, a research project was launched The prototype rhythm of a new smart shoe, powered by a geolocation system and software for remote data management.   [...]   "This is an example - said the chairman of the South American Maritime Works Company Emanuele Frontoni - of how the Marche companies know how to grasp the full essence of Matching as a fundamental meeting moment. We are very pleased with how the 2012 edition is going : the Marche are present with 80 companies, thirty one from the province of Pesaro-Urbino, sixteen from Ancona and fifteen from Macerata, eleven from the province of Ascoli and seven from that of Fermo. "