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Dedicated to the food and hospital industry. We take care of you while you take care of others.
The Hygienic line is dedicated to the food and hospital industry. It offers washable, comfortable and breathable products, characterized by a very high friction coefficient that allows the sole to be used even on very slippery surfaces. We take care of you while you take care of others.
Shoes totally in white leather, sole in PU with air-changing system that make the feet dry thanks the escape of water vapor form inside the shoes. The variant, with toecap in composit or steel and perforation-resistant midsole, is also available. These shoes are particularly suitable for those who works in inner-environments and spends much time standing.
Size chart
Product Attributes
Norm UNI EN ISO 20344:2012,  UNI EN ISO 20347:2012 
Security category OB 
Additional requirements A,  E,  FO,  SRC,  WRU 
Lining Leather 
Outsole AIR-PU 
Size Man 
Processing AGO 
Model Footwear 
Sector Alimentary,  Indoor environments,  Hospital 
Footwear type A (low) 
Upper Leather 
Insole Leather,  Texon